Wapen landkreis Kleef
Logo provincie Limburg
Stads logo Kleef

The design:

  • The colours:

Blue, yellow and burgundy:

I chose this because it appears in the arms of the city of Kleve, Landkreis Kleve and the province of Limburg.

  • The symbols used:

The lion:

These are in the arms of the province of Limburg and that of Landkreis Kleef.

The 3 leaf clover:

They represent the 3 areas that are important in the history of our family, namely the hometown of Kleef from our family tree holder, Landkreis Kleef where the origins of our family tree lie and the province of Limburg where our Dutch branch of our family tree has its origins.

The swords:

Stand for the connection between Landkreis Kleef and the province of Limburg in our family tree.